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رمز المنتج: GA158
Works on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC - Driving force is designed for the latest racing game titles for your Xbox Series X or Xbox One console. Add driving force to your controller selection and you may never want to race with a regular controller again. G920 driving force pro also works on PC wit..
رمز المنتج: LG1
يعمل على عجلة Logitech G29 و G920, يعطيك شعور واقعي اكثر.مصمم بشكل مرن و فيه 6 سرعات.بإمكانك تثبيته بإحكام على الاسطح بفضل تصميمه.يعمل على البلايستيشن 4, الأكسبوكس ون و الكمبيوتر..
رمز المنتج: GA160
IMMERSIVE FORCE FEEDBACKThe HYBRID DRIVE technology in the Force Feedback system lets gamers experience all the fun, intuitive sensations of driving. The weight of each vehicle, bumps and impacts, loss of tire grip in corners, and road surface types can all be felt through the wheel, for immersive r..
رمز المنتج: GA158
FEATURESPremium design with leather wrapping on the outer-facing portion of the wheelVersatile wheel shape, well-suited to all racing game stylesUp to 25 action buttons including 2 dual-position encodersInteractive race dashboard with a selection of more than 20 different displays on the wheel’s scr..
رمز المنتج: GA200
Compatible with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC .Use the HORI Device Manager app to download firmware, adjust settings and make up to 4 custom profilesFull-size racing wheel and pedals optimized for authentic racing simulation270-degree turn radius with adjustable output optionsMount security w..
رمز المنتج: GA187
Officially Licensed by NintendoFully featured racing wheel for Mario Kart & racing titlesErgonomic design based on real steering wheelsIncludes paddles and convenient onboard controls..
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