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Cougar Keyboards

Model: PC39
With nine powerful preset lighting effects, you will enjoy Attack X3 RGB’s spectacular backlights right upon plugging it in. Control easily and switch easily the backlight effects on the fly with this keyboard’s convenient shortcut keys.In case this wasn’t enough, you can create your own backlight e..
Model: PC48
Deathfire EX: Hybrid mechanical switches and anti ghosting technology join the mouse’s adjustable DPI, and 1000 Hz polling rate to provide quick, accurate and reliable responses for your commands.KEYS EXCHANGEWASD & ARROW KEYS EXCHANGE: Gaming comfort for everybody.Hybrid Mechanic..
SAR230.0 SAR275.0
Cougar ULTIMUS RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cougar ULTIMUS RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
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Model: PC59
Stunningly Beautiful, Extremely UsefulYou need quick access to all your skills, abilities and commands during the game, and to do so, you need to know where they are. Ultimus RGB helps you with that by allowing you to customize its backlight and assign different colors to different commands, and sto..
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